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Sadaajit Ananda  

It seems Sadaajit was destined to be a musician. Around the time she was born her mother got her first stereo and a set of classical records, which she played day and night. When she went to pick up her flute in fifth grade it was love at first toot and she’s been tootling ever since.

In school she was chosen for All-State Band, All-Northwest Band, Gold Medal player with the Seattle Symphony, and was chosen as the most valuable music student and for Who’s Who in High School Music her senior year. She attended Seattle Pacific University majoring in Music Performance and received her BA in 1979. From there she moved to Boston to study baroque music.

She has played with the Roswell Symphony in Roswell, NM, and the Yaquina Chamber Orchestra in Newport, OR.

Donna YaniglosP1010008

Donna grew up listening to her mother play popular tunes on the piano and her father play country music on guitar and harmonica. In the fourth grade when she was asked if she would like to play in the band, she chose the flute for her instrument. Donna played with the Warren Junior Military Band while in High School. Having grown up in a Croatian/Hungarian family, she learned to love & play ethnic music also.

While attending Dana School of Music at Youngstown State University, she also played with a tamburitza orchestra.

In 1986 Donna moved to Greensboro, NC where she danced with the Greensboro Folk Dancers. Through them she met a fellow musician who played recorder. She learned to play recorder and helped form the Triad Early Music Society, a chapter of the American Recorder Society.

Currently, Donna plays with Triad Early Music Society, Bec & Bow plus Continuo, Greensboro Concert Band and of course Whispering Winds.

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